Dear Classmates, Friends, Families, and SHS Fans:


Hello!  This is an exciting milestone for the SHS Class of 1988.  As I have talked with classmates during this process, I have asked two questions:  1)  Have you turned 48 years old yet?  2)  How strong are the reading glasses you are using?  Most of the responses that I got could be categorized as ‘painfully funny.’


When our reunion committee started the planning process for the 30-year reunion of the Shelby High School class of 1988, we reviewed what we’ve done before:

10 year reunion – Northlake Country Club

20 year reunion – First National Bank Banquet Hall

25 year reunion – Cleveland Country Club


We noticed with each subsequent reunion that the attendance dropped.  We also realized the financial strain of a fancy venue seemed to be a deterrent for people to attend.  As a committee, we had the financial burden of committing to book the venue, the catering, and the entertainment with the uncertainty of how many people would show up.


For our 30-year reunion, we decided to provide the framework and opportunity for us all to get together, without the expensive fancy dinner.  The rest is up to you!


Our goal is to encourage you to participate during the reunion weekend in whatever way suits your time, money, and interest.  With that said, your cost to attend the reunion weekend depends on what events you want to attend.  You can attend a single event or you can try to do it all!


Also, exclusively for classmates, be sure to pick up your “Golden Ticket” and lanyard to wear during the weekend to identify you as a member of the 30-year reunion.  This commemorative badge gains you access to specials and discounts only available to the holder throughout the weekend at uptown restaurants and venues (a full list will be available closer to the reunion).  Visit our table at the football game or come by our tent on Saturday at the festival.


And that brings me to the ultimate goal of our 30-year reunion:  encouraging you to give back to Shelby High School.  SHS did so much for me.  I often think about all the friends I made at SHS, all the opportunities that SHS provided for me, and my tremendous sense of pride when I tell people where I went to high school.


Earlier this year, I made my very first financial donation to Shelby High School.  In the 30 years since graduation, this is the first time that I donated money to the school.  I designated it to be used to help update the library (now called the media center).  Principal David Allen and the rest of the team at Shelby High School were very appreciative.  The reason I’m telling you about my donation is to encourage you to consider giving back to SHS.  You can donate your money, your time, your labor, or your ideas.  All those count as giving back to SHS.


We are working with Principal David Allen to create a donation form showing the needs of Shelby High School.  You can use this form to designate what your donation will be used toward.  You can mail it directly to Principal David Allen at Shelby High School along with your donation or with your commitment to help.


We can’t wait to see you October 19-20.


Sincerely yours,

Carter C. Johnson, President SHS Class of 1988



SHS Class of 1988 30-year Reunion Committee:

Vanita (Rhodes) Byrd

Leslie Schmoutz

Carter C. Johnson



COMMITTEE FACEBOOK PAGE:    Shelby High School (N.C.) Class of 1988